From: Dave Dunning, Rules Interpreter
Subject: Block/Charge calls
The most difficult call you will have to make in a game is the block or charge call. In this video, observe closely all the components you, as the covering official, must process in, sometimes, less than a second.
For a charge or player control foul to be called, B-2 must establish legal guarding position-Rule 4-23, Art 1-4-before A-3, holding, dribbling or having released a try for goal, makes contact to the torso/chest of B-2. Time and distance is not relevant. B-2 must get in legal guarding position, BOTH feet inbounds, before contact occurs from A-3.
Conversely, a blocking foul, outlined excellently in the video, can be called when the defensive player has not established legal guarding position or moves forward into A-3 after obtaining legal guarding position. Yes, the defender can get there first, be straight up, but can not move forward into the shooter or dribbler.
Please note in this video from an NCAA game, the restricted area arc is used. Under Federation rules, there is no arc in high school games or middle school.




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