Subject: Continuation/Continuous Motion

The included video is of NCAA plays-many of which would have qualified as Continuous Motion under NFHS Rule 4-11 and two shots or the scoring of a basket allowed. Under Federation Rules, the act of shooting begins when A-1 begins the “habitual act of shooting(this can be the simple act of picking up a dribble or a pump fake)and pertains only when the the defense has fouled.”
It is the covering official’s judgment as to whether the habitual act of shooting has begun. Stay with the contact and determine if A-1 is still just holding or dribbling the ball when fouled by B-2 or beginning the act of shooting. Do not rush-as many college officials did in the video-do call a quick common foul. If A-1 has begun the habitual act, he or she should be put on the free-throw line and score the goal if applicable.

Dave Dunning




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