A great deal of time and emphasis was spent in the Fall of 2014 on Rule 10-6, Article 12 on freedom of movement and hand fouls to reduce physical play on ball handlers path to the basket or in escaping a defender. In the video that follows (Ted Breakout 1), pay close attention to fouls called and game situations that lead to the illegal contact.

For those officials doing three-man games, watch very early how the center/slot official calls a foul in the backcourt. In transition, the center/slot official should stay with pressing or many players still in the backcourt. The center/slot official’s primary area of coverage in transition with pressing is the entire court, sideline to sideline, from the free throw line to free throw line, generally speaking. The new trail or new lead can certainly call obvious fouls in this area but try your best to defer to the center/slot. “Trust your partner and stay in your primary!”

Dave Dunning, Rules Interpreter



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